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Nutrition Challenges


The programme of nutrition is aimed at the fighting and eradicating the biggest health problem of the country. It is a outcome of the poverty in the poorer sections of the society mostly living in the slums. But another biggest challenge in the programme is massive corruption in it. The mid-day meal programme the school is also part of the programme. But the tragedy is that like P.D.S public distribution system, it is seeped in corruption. The P.D.S grains are mixed with dirt and also sold out in market. So is the case of nutrition programme, here also nutrition food items are sold in market. In Madhya Pradesh the distribution contractors sold the nutritious food items of crores of rupees in Mumbai. The Women and Child Welfare Ministry is carrying out the programme. The malnutrition will persist because the nutrition food items are not reaching at proper persons. The needy persons are deprived of it by the corrupt persons. In mid-day meal programme the common complicit is that rations do not the reach up to the schools and there are long gap in it. For the success of this programme the basic requirement is to run it our proper line with strict monitoring at all levels. Otherwise the entire programme will be shown as carried out only on paper and malnutrition will persist as usual rather increse in it. The Central and State Governments are spending huge sum in programme but there is no let up in the malnutrition is there as it is. Presently the phase one programme of nutritious food is going and in the 2nd phase for the financial year 2018-19 the 235 additional districts of India will be covered. In the first meeting of the National coqnal on India’s nutrition challenges under “POSHAN Abhiyan” selected the districts on the basis of level of malnutrition there. In the first phase 315 districts have been already covered and balance of 167 districts out of total 718 districts will be covered in the phase three. Now on the Council will submits its progress report to the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi evening six months. The social and health audit system should be introduced in the current programme. The health audit should examine the increase in nutrition.

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