Onion Management


The bumper crop of onion in Madhya Pradesh is a bumper problem for farmers, Government and the environment. It being a perishable commodity getting rot and foul smelling within few days. What to say of price even there are no purchasers for it. The Government to provide relief to farmers purchasing all the stocks. At Government staff level there are massive corruption in it. Whole goods train racks and truck laden with onion are sold out clandestinely and in Government records it is shown as rotted and thrown away and false record of transportation charges also. For some years the Government purchased the onions only to get it rotted and throw away.Now in the Government measure to manage onion procurement the fee for godown charges at the rate of 676 rupees per tones will be taken as basis for making payments. In all the districts there will sorting in onion for three times at rate of Rs.20/- per sorting upto total Rs.60/-. At the times of crop arrival the farmers to put pressure on the Government resort to the tactics on throwing away onion on roads in the cities. What the state needs to handle such situation is not the relief purchase throwing money on it to throw the onion when rotted. The State Industries Department itself or by inviting private parties should set up cold storages and food processing units in the state for all vegetables.

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