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Only Cong party can take the country forward: Rahul


New Delhi, Launching a strong attack on the NDA government at the Centre, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that the country is tired of what is happening under the present regime and that his is the only party that can take the country forward with its message of love. In his opening address at the Congress Plenary, Mr Gandhi said, 'The country is tired of what is happening under the current Government. Today anger is being spread in the country. Divisions are being created among people who are being made to fight each other. The need of the hour is to bind people together. Congress is the only party that can bind people and take the country forward. The symbol of the hand is the symbol of the Congress party. This is the symbol that holds the country together, shows us the way, and will take India forward,’’ the Congress president said. 'The difference between our party and the incumbent ruling party is that they follow the ideology of hatred while we follow the ideology of love and fraternity,’’ he said. Mr Gandhi said that the aim of the two-day Plenary session is to find a way forward for the Congress party.‘’The aim of the Plenary session is to show the way forward for the party.’’ Noting that the aim of the plenary is to bring change in the party, the Congress president, however, said the change had to be brought without forgetting the past. “The tradition of the Congress party is to embrace change without forgetting our past and legacy. In our tradition, we make changes but we do not forget our past. If youths will take our party ahead, it cannot happen without the experience of our seniors. My work is to bring together the veterans and the youth together in the party,” Mr Gandhi said.

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