Oppn questions intent of encouraging a non-existent private varsity, Javadekar denies


New Delhi, The opposition members belonging to Congress and Trinamool Congress on Monday questioned the government intent of encouraging a non-existent and an "unregistered" private university. "There are a lot of very good IITs in our country. There are very good Universities in our country and very good organisations in public sector also. But why has the government declared an organisation which is not even registered so far as an Institute of Eminence?," Congress MP K C Venugopal asked raising supplementary questions during Question Hour in the Lok Sabha. The Jadavpur MP belonging to Trinamool Congress, Prof Sugata Bose speaking in similar vein wanted to know whether it is the government’s "policy to demoralise" country's best public universities and starve them of resources to enable their "own favoured industrialists to make unconscionable profits at the expense of our youth". Responding to members, HRD Minster Prakash Javadekar said the private house has been listed as one the institutes of eminence as these came under 'Green Field Category; which means those universities which are "not in existence but there are industries which are ready to give Rs 5,000 crore to Rs 10,000 crore for putting up a university" were considered. "So for creating a world class university, that was a separate category. Eleven institutes applied for that category. It was not the Ministry which scrutinized those proposals. It was the Empowered Committee which scrutinized the proposals. It came out with this suggestion," he said and hence one particular house was listed. The Minister also said the government is keen to create 20 world class universities in the next ten years.  "Therefore, the first list is out. Let us hope and wait, everything will be good," he remarked. Mr Javadekar further said it is well known fact a number of world class universities like Stanford have really come out of endowments by the industries. "From that basic endowment they have created such universities which became the world-class universities," he said.

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