Options to Doctors


At the time of strike of Junior Doctors (JUDA) the Medical Teachers Association of Madhya Pradesh also demonstrated on their 6 point demand charter. The JUDGA strike was withdrawn as High Court declared it illegal. The Government accept the 4 demands of the medical teachers and orders regarding it have been issued. On remaining two demands the Government has given two options to medical teachers. They have to stop private practice and attend pay OPD in the hospitals. They will get fee from the patients and half of it will be deposited with the college. Some years back the Government introduced the same scheme as `Pay Clinic’ and this time there is just change in the name as ‘Pay OPD’. Earlier it was given up and doctors allowed the private practices. There is no point in repeating the same with slight change in name and earlier it was not successful. The teachers demand of 7th Pay Commission pay scales and time bound departmental promotion should be accepted. The 7th Pay Commission grade have been given in other department and there is no point not giving it to medical teachers.

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