Orderly System


In Army and Police there is an established system to post Army Jawans and police constables to do duty at the bungalows of officers. It had its origin when there was imperialism and many countries were slave of some other country. They employed ‘native’ soldiers and Jawan for household work of ruling class officers. But within their own country they do not practices it. During the 1962 war with China Brigadier Dalvi was taken as prisoner of war. He asked the Chinese Army that in view of his rank and status he be provided orderly service to attend on him. He was told that in Chinese Army there is no system of providing soldiers as orderly to officers. But in India besides Army and Police in almost all the Government departments the lower staff are posted at residences of the officers as domestic servants and in the official parlance it is known as “bungalow duty”. Recently in galore of rail accidence and charges of poor maintenance of tracks and rails it come to fore that most of the gangman are employed for maintenance of track most of them are posted on bungalow duty of officers. The Rail Minister Mr.Suresh Prabhu promptly issued order to stop it forthwith and warned the officers of strict action against them if rail staff are found working as domestic servants. But after his exit from Rail Ministry this malpractices returned as it is. In Madhya Pradesh most of the employees of the maintenance sections of the PWD were posed in the bungalows of the officers. The cook of a PWD Secretary was maintenance employee. Most of the daily wage employees were giving services at residences of the officers. An Army jawan living in Rewa exposed this racket in the Army and he was sent to jail by the Court Marshall. He said the officer ask the orderly soldier to shoe polish, brassing, attend on children and roam the dogs. He put on TV as viral story and viewers extended the support to the removed soldier in his crusade against malpractice of drafting soldier on non-Army jobs. The ‘Nav Bharat’ has made it a big issue and many readers hailed the move of the newspaper. The time has came when this sort of orderly and bungalows duty should come to an end and officers who indulge into be dismissed from service. All over India million of rupees of Government fund are grossly misused. It is also a form of misappropriation.