Outcome of Happiness Index workshop to give direction


Experts from many countries participate in Bhopal workshop

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Most of the speakers welcomed and appreciated in the international workshop on Happiness Index today, the way the Anand department is expanding its activities in Madhya Pradesh, which is the first state to form the Anand Vibhag in the country The speakers hoped that the outcome of this workshop will bring new models in the light to increase happiness levels in citizens not only of the country but of the world. International workshop on happiness index has been organised by the Anand department in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur). Prof. Raj Raghunathan (USA), Prof. David Johns (UAE), Prof. P Patnaik of IIT, Kharagpur and Dr. Samdu Chhetri of Bhutan, which initiated the formation of the department of happiness addressed the workshop. Dr. Sambu Chhetri said that Bhutan’s initiative was appreciated by many countries. Madhya Pradesh took a good step in the favour of humanity by forming department of happiness. Prof. Raj Raghunathan (USA) who belongs to Tamil Nadu, shed light on criteria for happiness like good health, security, traffic smoothness, education, attachment with neighbours and family members, apart from the basic needs like food, cloth and house. He pointed out that family relations are being affected by excess use of internet. Efforts should be made to prevent it. Prof. Raghunathan said that there is a need of happiness television channel today, which provide actual entertainment as well as internal happiness. In the inaugural session of workshop on Happiness Index, Additional Chief Secretary, Anand Vibhag, Shri Iqbal Singh Bains said that department of happiness introduced many programmes after its constitution in 18 months. It has yielded good results. He said that incorporating people with activities of Happiness Institute is successful. Shri Bains informed about provisions of training in Isha Foundation, Coimbatore, and Panchgani and two institutes of Bengaluru. On this occasion, Shri Bains appreciated the support; Madhya Pradesh is receiving from different sectors, describing it as important. He welcomed the delegates of different countries in the beginning of the workshop. Education writer and columnist Dr. David Johns (Dubai) said that there are different levels of satisfaction. Different types of skills are important for person. Dr. David elaborated on different principles of happiness. Prof. P Patnaik of IIT, Kharagpur, said that along with education, health and development of other facilities, better transportation, good mental health and condition of mutual relations increase level of happiness in persons. World Happiness Report 2016-17 also endorse the points. State Election Commissioner, Shri R Parsuram, retired IAS officer, Shri Prasanna Das, Shri Vishwapati Trivedi, collector, Hoshangabad, Shri Avinash Lavaniya, collector, Sehore Shri Tarun Pithode, Smt. Jaishree Kiyavat, chief executive officer of State Happiness Institute, Shri Manohar Dubey, director, Shri Neeraj Vashisth, Shri Sandip Dixit, Shri Pravin Gangrade, officials related with activities of Happiness Institute and participants of different countries were present in workshop.