Pak In Odd


The Pakistan on its follies is involved on many self inflicted problems. It violated international laws under Vienna-Geneva conventions in denying consular assess of India in meeting Mr.Kulbhushan Jadhav. The Pakistan got him kidnapped from Iran by its ISI agents and under military trial sentenced him to death on the charge of espionage. India approached the International Court of Justice at the Hague and secured court stay on the death sentence. Now the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has given Judgment that Pakistan should have granted consular assess to Mr.Jadhav to the Government of India to provide legal assistance to him. Now the ICJ confirmed the stay of death sentence and directed Pakistan to hold retrial of Mr.Jadhav and permit consular assess and legal assistance to India. In perpetuating terrorism the Pakistan in constantly violating all the international laws, convention and ethics. On the same day July 17 the Pakistan was forced to arrest Hafiz Sayeed the mastermind of Mumbai attack with active help and sponsorship of the ISI of Pakistan. In these attack besides Indian many other nationals of America, Germany, Israel and Britain were also killed. The US has declared Hafiz Sayeed as its culprit of terrorism and wanted Pakistan to arrest and punish him. The Pakistan Prime Minister Mr.Imran Khan is visiting America on July 21 and become compulsion for him to arrest Hafiz Sayeed before it. It is quite clear that otherwise the US would have not accepted or allowed Mr.Imran Khan to visit US. It is also evident from the prompt reaction of US President Mr.Donald Trump openly claimed credit for arrest of Hafiz Sayeed. Mr.Trump said Pakistan arrested Mumbai terrorists Hafiz Sayeed after 10 years because of the pressure his administration exerted over past two years. The US had offered 10 million dollar reward on Sayeed. In another folly against Indian the Pakistan invited economic crisis on itself. After Indian Air Force attack in Balakot inside Pakistan closed down its airspace for civil aviation and Indian airspace also become closed for Pakistan.  Both the nation incurred huge losses on air routes via some other country became lengthy travel costing more expenditure in fuel on passenger fares. Indian airlines maintained its services but Pakistan airlines had to cancel all its air services to South East Asia and the companies could not bear the extra expenditure. Forced by its own economic difficulties Pakistan is forced to open airspace to India after gap 138 days. It remained in force from February 27 to July 15, 2019.