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Pak in Terror List


The International Financial Action Task Force has placed Pakistan in the Gray List of terror nation. India has pointed out that despite making commitment in international forums the Pakistan has provided financial assistance, freedom and impunity to terrorist organization like Al Quida, Jamat-ul-Dava, Lashkare Taibba and terrorist Kingpin Hafiz Sayeed. The Pakistan has again made the same promise at the FATF meet that it would take decisive action against terrorist organizations and support to it. It said that the Pakistan formulating 26-point action plan against the terror organizations. The FATF has warned the Pakistan that if it fails in its commitment they would place the Pakistan in from ‘Gray’ to ‘Black’ list. At the time of Soviet military presence in Afghanistan the Pakistan and US flouted many terrorist organizations including Al Quida of Osama Bin Laden to attack Soviet troops there. After Russian leaving Afghanistan the terrorist become unemployed without any work. The terrorist are anti-India on Kashmir and being Hindu and anti-American for being in Afghanistan. These days the India and America are helping Afghanistan torn in prolonged civil war and occupation by Al Quida and Osama Bin Laden. India is helping the nation in the development while US is helping it with armed forces security. After FATF the China has come out to defend Pakistan but inadvertently accepted that Pakistan is terrorist occupied nation and fighting against it. But on reality the Pakistan to give work to terrorist pushing them towards India and Afghanistan. But Pakistan is heading towards a massive disaster in the coming days. The Elections to the National Assembly are going to be held soon. The terror Kingpin Hafiz Sayeed has declared his intentions of floating a political party and enter the Election arena. In case he gets majority or sizable number of Members of National Assembly it will amount to nationalization of terrorism in Pakistan. It will lead to their assess to nuclear arsenal and missile system. In that situation Hafiz Syeed may threaten India, America and Afghanistan will nuclear weapon like Kim of North Korea.

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