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Pakistan Election


The General Elections to the Pakistan National Assembly will be held on July 25. The 342 Member Assembly has 272 elected seats and 70 seats members are nominated on different categories. This time it is going to be a four corner contest between three Political Parties the ruling Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz Shariff, Tehreke-Insaf Party of Imran Khan, Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party and the 4th and new factor is Terrorists. This time various terrorists organizations have fielded many candidates and it is likely that some of them is sizable numbers will win. It is assessed that this time Nawaz Shariff’s ruling Pakistan Muslim League will not get majority and voted out. The Tehreke-Insaf of Imran Khan may emerge as larger single party but not in its own majority. The Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party will trail far behind on third or 4th position. In the hung Assembly the terrorists on their own conditions may offer support be help on formation of coalition government. For the first time the terrorist will get their presence felt in Assembly and other nations of the world taking note of it. The Pakistan has four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Pakhtoonistan, Baluchistan and National Capital Area of Islamabad and two Central ruled territory of Swat Valley and Gulgit Baltistan. There are 10.59 crores voters higher by 23 per cent than that of in the year 2013. The Punjab and Sindh Provinces have dominant position in seats. The Punjab has 141, the Sindh 61, Pakhtoonistan 39, Baluchistan 16, FATA (Federal Administration Territorial Agency) 12 and Islamabad national capital area 3 sets. The Punjab has 52 per cent of seats with 63 per cent of voters. The return of Shariff with his daughter and they going to jail on the sentence pronounced by the National Accountability Court will generate sympathy for his party. He has taken a wise step to return to the Pakistan and appeal against the sentence. But he has been convicted to 10 year jail term and his daughter Mariyam of 7 years jail term both cannot contest elections as they stand disqualified. Had he not return he would have lost everything for all time to come. General Mussharaf is also facing cases against him and not returning. In the election the Pakistan is at cross-road and danger in terrorists entry into Assembly.

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