Pariksha pe Charcha: You are your own examiner says Modi


[caption id="attachment_98245" align="alignnone" width="400"] New Delhi,[/caption] Ahead of the board exams, Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Friday interacted with students and teachers at ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ programme and answered to the problems of the students faced by them during examination. More than 2000 students attended the programmes and several others participated in the Charcha through Facebook, twitter and video conferencing. “Never lose self-confidence. Hardwork only pays when you have self-confidence. It will take you to greater heights. Never think of marks and results. You are your own examiner,” said Mr Modi when asked how to cope up with anxiety and tension during exams. The Prime Minister told the gathering: "Today, I am your student and you all are my examiner. You give me the marks at the end." Mr Modi gave many tips to handle exam pressure without any stress. He said expand your horizon for concentration. Believe in yourself, always compete with yourself and become your own mentor. He advised the students to maintain diary. When asked how to focus, Mr Modi said, “If you want to focus, learn to de-focus. Time management is most important thing.”