Parineeti to promote her brother Sahaj's new venture


New Delhi, Parineeti Chopra ensures that she carves out time out of her busy schedule to promote her brother Sahaj Chopra’s cookie venture. Parineeti has been striking a balancing act with back to back film shoots, endorsements and TV appearances. The actor recently sat with her team and told them that she would do her best to promote her brother’s new venture. “Parineeti’s brother, Sahaj, is bringing the globally renowned Millie’s Cookies brand to India as franchise holder. Parineeti was clear that she will bring as much eyeballs a possible for Sahaj’s venture. She recently took two days from her hectic schedule to shoot a promotional campaign. She will also leverage her social media muscle to bring visibility for this. Parineeti is definitely being the ideal big sister and she is confident that Sahaj’s business is going to boom,” says an informer close to the project. “Parineeti has a triple honours masters’ degree from Manchester, UK and having worked in marketing, she has a solid understanding of suitable marketing and promotional strategies. Right from its inception, Parineeti has tried to be beside her brother and be a guide and support. She will always go the extra mile for her family,' the informer said.