Parvathy Baul enthralls audience with her devotional music


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Folk singer Parvathy Baul enraptured the audience with her performance in the recently held Niramay festival. Parvathy Baul mesmerised the audience with her devotional music at Bharat Bhavan. She was in the city to take part in ‘Niramaya’ event. Speaking on the occasion, she said that pure sounds lead to healing. Parvathy, who started her journey in 1995, said that Baul singing had changed her life completely. Baul said, “Music can uplift one’s mood. When you’re sad and you listen to devotional songs, your state of mind changes.” Explaining the idea behind healing through sound, she said that the vibrations allow you to resonate with them and when the sound is pure, healing takes place automatically. She said, “Music has the capacity to make you realize that you are bigger than what you think. When you sing and dance, it can help in invoking your inner ‘shakti.” Playing the bama and ektara, the singer started her performance with a bhajan dedicated to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and followed it up with the Namasankeertan in praise of Gaurang Mahaprabhu. She concluded her recital with a Radha-Krishna bhajan. The second performance at the event was that of Pandit Raja Kale who presented classical songs, besides presenting a bandish ‘Mora man hai laagi la rajan kay raj maharaj’ in Rag Nihag. It was followed by ‘Mitwa mane nahi’ in Rag Kaifi and ‘Guaal jin daro’ in Rag Paraj in dhrupad. He concluded his performance with a Tulsi bhajan ‘Kripra karein Raghuvir’ in Rag Bhairavi.