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Peace the prerequisite for Progress ,entire world is looking at us: Vice Prez


New Delhi, Calling peace as the prerequisite for progress, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday said the entire world is looking at India for its message of peace. Delivering a lecture at the National Defence College on the theme “India’s Strategic Culture, National Core Values, Interests and Objectives”, the Vice President said, ’’President said, ’’we have believed that the whole world is one large family as exemplified by the oft-quoted statement: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. We are a nation that has desired peace not only on earth and for human beings but for the entire universe. Peaceful co-existence has been an article of faith with us and we should be proud of our country’s timeless vision that encapsulated a world view that is quite relevant even to this day.’’ The Vice President said that we are living in a world that is torn by violent thoughts, violent emotions and violent actions. He said that to ensure security, we need to have a multi-pronged approach. ‘’Extremism, terrorism, communalism, violence against women and numerous other forms of violent behaviour need a concerted approach,’’ he added. The Vice President said that education for peace and learning to live together is the need of the hour. ‘’Education with values of empathy, compassion, tolerance and goodness embedded in the curriculum can prevent conflict and irrational violence. Community education, inter-faith understanding and evolution of societal norms that encourage harmony and zero tolerance towards violence of all kinds can provide the foundation for a secure society,’’ he said. The Vice President said that we have been facing the problems of insurgency, left wing extremism and attempts by certain fissiparous forces to weaken the unity and integrity of the country. ‘’There is no place for violence in a democracy. India is a mature Parliamentary Democracy and the ballot has proved to be far more powerful than the bullet,’’ he added.

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