Pension Racket


It is growing tendency in the families of pensioners not to inform the Government Departments and banks about the death of the pensioners and continue to draw the pension from dead person’s pension account. Recently in the State Justice Department on reality checks and is revealed that some 1100 ghost pensioners were drawing pensions who were either dead or there whereabouts were not known. The State Government Administration feel that it were just few such cases and there are bound to much more such forged withdrawal in other department also. The pension are credited into bank accounts and it also time to time secure testimony about the pensioners alive. Such rackets can easily be traced those who operated such pensioners accounts. There are likely to involvement of bank staff on such withdrawals. The Government has to devise some such method of payments which will prevent such false transactions. It must be causing loss of crores of rupees to the Government. The State has decided to go far whole hog survey of pension cases.