People will elect BJP for development


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal BJP state president and MP Nandkumar Singh Chauhan, while campaigning in Mungaoli, has said those who were in power for long time in this area did not pay any attention towards the development. They only bothered about the votes. The people are bearing the brunt of their apathy, he said. Chauhan said if the people want development then they must select BJP. He said development and people’s welfare is BJP’s commitment. He said in the coming 5-6 months the people will realize that BJP always fulfills its promise. The BJP has worked hard for the development of the state, which has now got rid of the Bimaru tag and is now among the developed states.

Give befitting reply to Congress

Chauhan said people in democracy want development. He said when a Dalit inaugurates a hospital in an area, the feudalists do not like it and they insult the Dalits by washing the hospital with Ganga Jal. He said the local people must give befitting reply to this insult and ensure victory of BJP candidate Bai Sahab.

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