People’s faith guides empowerment of MP: Shivraj Singh Chouhan


The 2017 has departed. Many sweet memories stay on with us. We have made 2017 a memorable year, which witnessed a host of radical initiatives and historical achievements. Let us be ready to welcome 2018 with these lovely memories. As we know, Madhya Pradesh is advancing faster in every sector. The people deserve all the credit. They are amazingly enterprising and have all the capability to take enduring pains in the interest the State. The achievements of the 2017 clearly underline the fact that spirited people are full of confidence and have unshakable determination.With the creative energies and positive thinking of the people, Madhya Pradesh has scored new records in development sector. This will continue in 2018. The people are expected to enthusiastically participate in governance for desired results. It is a matter of great satisfaction that they have discharged their duties and responsibilities tirelessly. I find that the people of Madhya Pradesh deserve the credit for unprecedented development in the state. Their role is greater than that of the Government. I hold that every task remains incomplete without people’s cooperation and support. I regard them as experts of many subjects and have always respected their wisdom. It is an unvarnished truth that development is a continuing process. Issues are resolved one moment and another moment fresh ones come up requiring a series of efforts to resolve them. Obviously, a welfare government has to work without a pause. In such a situation, I draw strength from people’s faith and that is the only source of moral strength. We are entering into 2018 with renewed energies, new hopes and expectations. While 2017 witnessed a lot of achievements, there were some new challenges too. The challenges can be efficiently met by our determination and strong will-power. What is imperative is the honest and continued efforts. We have seen during Narmada Seva Yatra, the powerful expression of people’s faith and their strengths. The holiest Narmada river is life-line of our state. We respect her as mother- a deity that purifies us. We are convinced that our life depends on the life of river Narmada. Millions of people joined the Narmada Seva Yatra making it world’s largest river conservation campaign. Its impact crossed geographical boundaries. A simple conviction prevails across the global community that people of Madhya Pradesh can do for their mother-like river, why cannot we do for our own. Today it has become an inspiration source for many States. This is the best example of how the best possible results can be achieved with government and communities work together.Last year, we had many challenging moments but they wew chased away. Thanks to the cooperation and support of the community. Many challenges have been addessed permanently. Innovative Price Deficit Payment Scheme for the poor farmers is a glaring example of this. Now farmers will no longer suffer the losses even if the prices of crops fall. Similarly, the concern of our talented students about educational expenses has been taken care of. Their worries have permanently gone out. They have to simply concentrate on study and score good marks. The government will take care of their future education. The examinations are not so far. I would like to urge my dear students to give a new year gift to your patents by securing good marks. The 2017 unitnessed a dextrously desingned Youth Empowerment Mission to realise their aspirations. The 2018 will witness encouraging results. Sinnilarly, the State experienced emergence of Women Empowerment in the form of womens’ self help groups. Undoubtedly, these will lead to an economic movement guided by women entrepreneurs. After Narmada Seva Yatra, people’s fath have been vigorously manifested in the ongoing ‘Ekatm Yatra’, which started from Ujjain and will culminate on 22 January at Omkareshwar. The people are acquanting themselves with the legacy of Adi Shankaracharya, who brought about India’s cultural integrity. A huge 108 feet statue of Adi Shankaracharya will be installed at Omkareshwa as a mark of tribute from the people of Madhya Pradesh. The Ekatm Yatra is a journey that aims at spiritual awakening of the masses. I believe that spiritual progress along with development is equally important. This changes the attitude towards governance. This drives away attention from the corrupt practices. Spiritual orientation deepens faith in honest means and results and develops healthy mindset. That’s why I have taken some initistives like Tirtha Darshan Yojna, Narmada Seva Yatra, Ekatm Yatra, which are going to enrich spiritual understanding. The integration of government, society and spirituality is also a necessary dimension of good governance. As we are greeting the 2018, I would like to remind you that India is awakening towatds a new dawn under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. New India is emerging with new resolutions. We must take a resolution that we will contribute our best to rebuilding of Madhya Pradesh. We would help build a powerful India. Building a New Madhya Pradesh in the New India is our mission. A very Happy New Year to one and all. Let everyone be happy, healthy and prosperous. New hopes await us and new horizons are unfolding. (Blogger is Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh)