Petrol Prices Afire


It violates all the norms of democracy and principles of welfare state for the Government to differentiate between the Government and the public. In a parliamentary form the Government is a creation of public. These days petrol diesel prices are afire and it are going up within days. Since the Central Government decontrolled the price and put it on the market system of loss and profit the Government itself violated the petroleum market system and deceived the public on it. Under the market system the prices of petrol and diesel should also fluctuate on the basis of petro crude prices. The Centre and State Governments are collecting-earning substantial position of its budget from the taxation on petrol diesel, L.P.G. kerosene etc. Recently few years back the oil market slumped and crude prices crashed up to 42 dollar per barrel. Under such situation under the market system the prices for consumer should have also come down. But it was not happened as the Central Government and the State Governments on the next day enhanced the rate of it tax slab-the excise duty by the Centre and VAT by the state to that proportion to keep the state earning static. But when petrol and diesel prices sour up the Centre and the State Government do not lowered it, excise and VAT rate in that proportion for the consumer to get and feel the relief of fallen petro-diesel prices. It is dishonest way of Government towards the observance of market system and general public. Instead of taking prompt action the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Mr Dharmendra Pradhan only gave assurance that Government would soon take out a solution the tackle the situation. He only accepted that citizens of India and specially the middle class who have suffered lot due to petro price hike. But the Minister has indicated that Government are not a hurry as at were to enhance tax when petro prices slumped. All know the assurance of the ministers have no time limits it are just to hoodwink the public to subside their anger on this count the Government also feel sense of urgency as in enhancing taxes when the prices fell but no sense of urgency to stand y the public to mitigate the impact of price rise. It is pointed out that under the marked system the oil companies still under loss of five rupees per liter and it will increase the price further by 3.50 rupees per liter. What the public need and require is the urgent commitment and implementation of tax cut on petrol and diesel and not the mere assurance. Just as Governments are biggest litigant in courts so also it are biggest consumers of petrol and diesel to maintain the Government service vehicles and the heavy consumption by the police and armed forces.

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