Play conveys message to follow right path


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Hindi play ‘Medium Waves, Zero Heart’, staged at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum here on Friday highlighted how the destiny of people is something over which they have no control. Through this play, the director has tried to convey the message that how much flowery the wrong path appears one should always follow the right path. Directed by KK Rajan, the play ‘Medium Waves, Zero Heart’ was a story of two brothers Laxmichand and Ameerchand who hail from a family of farmers. But, the destiny has chosen something else for them and that is the crux of the play. The play was performed under the regular series of drama ‘Abhinayan’. The central character of this play is Indrajeet Thakur, who is the spoiled son of the landowner. Indrajeet commits a crime in the village and to save himself from the police he escapes from the village to a big city. Once he gets to the city, he becomes very rich by adopting wrong methods. After seeing this, and Indrajeet’s status in city, two brothers Laxmichand and Ameerchand also come to the city in search of some work. After reaching in the city,they does not get any work in the city for long enough, nor does they meet Indrajit Thakur and on the other hand they trapped in family problems but that he will have to make money in the city. Where many jobs are available in the IT sector in the city, but they are not useful for this area because they are illiterate. In the end, they seek a job by lying and to face the consequence. K.K Rajan in 1991, received a diploma in the direction of National School of Drama, Delhi. He has successfully directed and written many plays in languages such as Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and French. K.K. Rajan has acted and directed in theater as well as in films, in which Malayalam films are prominent.