Play depicts dilemma of middle class family


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, A comedy play ‘Bhaag Avanti Bhaag’ was staged at Ravindra Bhavan here on Wednesday. The play was performed by the artists of Bhopal Theatre Group under the direction of Rajeev Verma. The play shows a family in which a woman is suffering from heart disease, and for her treatment, her husband spends all his savings. With a small sum left in hand, he is now at a loss as to how they will make both ends meet. Adding a pinch of comedy, the play wonderfully showcased about the situations of a middle class family. In the midst of this, he also realises they have a daughter too and have to get her married. After giving it much though, the man comes to a conclusion that if his daughter runs with her boyfriend, then they needn’t have to worry about spending money for her wedding.The trouble increases even when the daughter is ready for a marriage and there is no money to get her married.Then what happens next formed rest of the story making the situations worse as well as comic. In such a situation the parents think that if the girl runs away with someone, then they will be saved from the marriage expenses. The play now takes an amusing turn, as the young girl was raised with high morals and would never do anything to hurt her parents. In fact, she does not even have a boyfriend. Her father then, begins to search for a boyfriend for her, and also groom her to attract boys. At this point, the play turns hilarious. When the couple eventually finds a boyfriend for her, they compel her to elope with him, which she does. They play ends on a hilarious note when the next day, she comes back home saying the boy does not have a house to live in, and so they will stay with them.