Play highlights battle and struggles of Abhimanyu


8th Theatre Olympics

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Bhopalites witnessed the colourful tradition of Tamil Nadu’s Terukuttu on Tuesday. Marking the eighth day of the 8th Theatre Olympics being held in the city, Tamil play ‘Abhimanyu’ was performed at Bharat Bhavan. The play also has another name i.e. ‘Chakra Vyugam’. It is directed and conceptualized by Guru Kalaimamani PK Sambandan. It was brilliantly presented by the artists of Purisai Duraisami Kannappa Thambiran Parambarai Therukoothu Manram, Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu. The 2 hours long play was much enjoyed by the audience. The play surrounded the battle and the struggles of Abhimanyu. It is the thirteenth day of the battle. Dhronar leads the army. Abhimanyu enters the battle to protect Dharmar. Dhuriyodhanan, Karnan, Sakuni and Dhronar appear on the stage. Dhuriyodhanan commands that Dhronar should lead the troops. He promises Dhronar half of his kingdom if he won the war. Then Dharmar enters. He appeals to Krishna to save him. The brothers have left Abhimanyuto protect Dharmar. Dhronar torments Dharmar. Abhimanyu fights with Dhronar. He overpowers and drives away Dhronar, Sakuni and Karnan. They conspire with Dhuriyodhanan. They appeal to Sainthavan to kill Abhimanyu, using the gadha and the konrai garland which he had received from Lord Shiva, to kill Bhima.Now Dhuriyodhanan, Sainthavan, Karnan, Sakuni andDhronarfight with Abhimanyu. They encircle him from behind.Karnan destroys Abhimanyu’s chariot. When Abhimanyu jumps out of the chariot,Sainthavan throws the konrai garland around Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu does not know how to get out of it. Hence, staying inside the garland he fights. Saithavan cuts off Abhimanyu’s right arm from behind. Abhimanyu fights with his left arm. Saithavan cuts that off to, then the right leg, and then the left. Now Abhimanyu requests Karnan to place the sword in his mouth. Karnan obliges. But Saithavan slays Abhimanyu from behind.