Play Hiranayagarbha shows tyranny on girls


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A Hindi play Hiranayagarbha was staged at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium on Sunday. The play marked the opening day of a three-day theatre festival and depicted crimes perpetrated against women. The theatre festival is organised by Shri Mritakala Sangam, Bhopal. Directed by MMangilal Sharma, the play was brilliantly performed by the artists of Rang Sanchar Group. A compilation of 46 poems by Principal Secretary of Culture Manoj Kumar Shrivastava, the play was beautifully presented by almost 30 artists on stage. Due to rising of female feticide and tyranny on girl children, the poems were written which were conceptualized as a drama by Mangilal Sharma. The drama “Hiranyagrbha” based on such serious issues was presented through the dialogue between Krishna and Kansa. Director of the drama Mangilal Sharma said that the story of the drama is based on mythological facts, in which the collage of 46 poems written by Manoj Kumar Shrivastav will be presented in the play. “In the play, the fiery issue of female fetus was presented to the tainted heinous crimes that occur with the girls”, he added. Poems in the play were presented with musical style. Interestingly, the play became worthwhile watching as there were girl artists and just few of them were boys. The presentation of dialogue between Kansa and Lord Krishna was marvelous. The light design and stage setting all were extravagant and made the play enthralling. The character of Kansa in this play was given a very contemporary look and appearance while Lord Krishna’s personality did not changed. According to the director, “Kansa are present even now and we know that the same things happen with the girl child in our nation. So keeping that in mind, we made character of Kansa look contemporary.”