Play questions social morality and ethics


8th Theatre Olympics

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Vijay Tendulakr’s Sakha Ram Binder marked the ninth day of 8th Theatre Olympics. The play was performed at Ravindra Bhavan Auditorium on Wednesday leaving the theatre enthusiasts spell bound. The play was directed by Suresh Sharma and was presented by Himachal Culture Research Forum and Theatre Repertory, Mandi. The play revolves around the life of Sakharam-a book binder, who lives life by his own rules. He openly contests the existing marriage system and the hypocrisy it is based on and questions the notion of emotional attachments as crucial to any relationship. Drawing up his own rules, he picks up other men’s discarded women, castoff wives who would otherwise be homeless, destitute or murdered with impunity and gives them shelter in return for household work and other ‘favors’. Despite his apparent progressiveness, Sakharam rules his home like a tyrant, although each woman is told that she is free to leave whenever she likes. What he does not anticipate are the moral and emotional complications of this arrangement, which prove ruinous to everyone involved. According to the director, Sakharam Binder is a play challenging the stark reality, pain and darkness of life. All the characters in the play make a journey wherein they negate, often in the most surprising of ways, social morality and so-called ethics. “It is generally thought that only ‘great’ people can pose a question to societal norms and values, but here we see Sakharam, an ‘ordinary’ man with no tags of ‘greatness’ attached to him, doing just that. The questions posed by him are unique and timeless. Through his challenges we see him daring to bare the facts of life one day at a time, ultimately leaving behind his own stamp on all he comes in contact with, even though it leads him into a dark alley of meaninglessness” he added. The play was brilliantly staged and was wonderfully presented. The light design to dialogue dilevery, each phase of the play was kept clean and appealing. The audience enjoyed the show to the fullest.