Play shows lovers’ determination to overcome barriers


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal An Urdu play ‘Kaum’ which highlights the Hindu-Muslim Unity was staged at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium on Tuesday. It was based on short story which was scripted by city-based noted author Manzoor Ahteshaam. Directed by Rajeev Verma, the play was presented by Bhopal Theatre Group, Bhopal. The play revolves around the love story of two characters Farida and Anil. Anil works as librarian in a university and Farida reads in this university. Both are of different religion but love each other a lot and want to get marry. Farida talks to her brother Saleem regarding her marriage with Anil. First of all Saleem makes them understand that don’t do this, it will create a lot of problem in your family as well as their life too. He tries a lot to change their decisions but even after this, they are still rigid on their decisions. Then, Saleem meets Farida’s parents and makes request for giving permission for their marriage. He also says that due to religion only he couldn’t marry his lover Karuna. At the end of play their parents agrees for their marriage. “I wrote of these stories about 38 years ago but that situation is still continuing nowadays. People made it in different colours on the name of religion and politicians are misusing it a lot. I think religion should be used for the society’s development”, said Padmashree Manzoor Ahtesham, a noted author. Sets, lights and live music were aptly used. A song ‘Hindu-Muslim Ke Aisa Saz Ko Mat Chediye, Apni Kursi Ke Liye Zazbat Ko Mat Chediye, Chediye Ek Jang Miljulkar Garibi Ke Khilaf Dost Mere, Mazhabi Nagmat Ko Mat Chediye…, was the major attraction of this play. Poems of Ramnath Singh alias ‘Adab Gondwi’ was added much charm in the play.