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Play shows sacrifice of truthful king


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, ‘Ant Bhala Toh Sab Bhala’, a musical play decorated with folk music and dance of Madhya Pradesh, was superbly performed at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum under the regular series of drama ‘Abhinayan’. The play was directed by Puneet Vikram Trivedi. The play was based on the sacrifice of truthful King Anjan Singh. The king goes to the forest by handing his responsibilities of a king to his son. King’s son, Bharat Singh, rules his kingdom with integrity. In the meantime, he is trapped in a conspiracy. But Bharat Singh deals all this with all his hardship, humility, truth and patience taught by his father. Though Bharat Singh faces all the difficulties yet he achieves victory. He took all the decisions in the welfare of his people and kingdom. In this play the artists used Bundeli language and a musical touch of Marwari dance, Bundeli dance and a bit of Lavani dance from Rajasthan was also added. At the end of this drama, in the Council of Ministers said that the truth can be manipulated but can never be defeated and the king has proved it. At the end, the king said ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’ (Ant Bhala toh sab Bhala.)It was a splendid performance as the artists managed to hold the interest of the audience through a wondrous performance.

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