PM inaugurates Industry 4.0; says transform present, future of every Indian


New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the Centre for fourth Industrial Revolution saying this centre would open the door to infinite possibilities for future. “The components of “Industry 4.0” actually have the ability to transform the present and future of human life. Coordination among diverse technologies is leading to the fourth revolution. Under such conditions, the launch of the centre in India after San Francisco, Tokyo and Beijing, will bring immense opportunities in the country,” the Prime Minister said while launching the Industry 4.0 here. The Prime Minister said his government would soon announce its Drone Policy for the country.Mr Modi said artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, big data and several such new technologies have the potential to take India’s growth to a new height, creating job opportunities and improve the quality of life of every Indian. He said for India, this is not just an industrial transformation, but a social transformation. The Industry 4.0 has the strength to drive irreversible positive change in India and it will help bring the required speed and scale to work being done in India.