PM playing politics of ‘victim mode’: Congress


New Delhi, Mounting a sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian National Congress on Tuesday charged him with playing ‘politics of victim mode’ to escape responsibility from the failures of his Government and hide his non-performance over the past 53 months.The party also accused the PM of lowering the level of political discourse. Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson Manish Tewari said that in the assembly elections in Gujarat last year and in these polls, the PM was seen to play the politics of victim mode. 'Whether it be the elections in Gujarat or the ongoing polls to the five state assemblies, the PM has been portraying himself as a victim. To escape responsibility for failure of his government and hide his non performance, the PM has been playing the politics of ‘victim mode’. 'You have been PM for the last 53 months. Why don’t you tell the people why despite the international crude price falling to 53 dollars per barrel, the fuel prices are at around Rs 90 per litre? Why the price of LPG cylinder is at Rs 1,000? Who is responsible for the sharp fall in the value of the rupee? Why has there been no statement from the PM on the Rafale deal? Why does he not tell the people that despite promising 10 crore jobs , his Government did not create even 8 lakh jobs? To distract attention from all these issues, he is playing the politics of ‘victim mode’. Mr Modi is the PM and is responsible for solving the problems faced by people,'Mr Tewari said. Charging Mr Modi with lowering the level of public discourse in the country, Mr Tewari said,'it is the responsibility of the PM to ensure that the level of public discourse is kept at a dignified level. If he himself lowers the level of public discourse, it leads others in the BJP to think that this is the new normal. 'The PM should take cognizance of the counsel of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and ensure that the level of public discourse is kept at a dignified level.' At the release of the book 'Fables of Fractured Times,' authored by Congress leader Manish Tiwari, on Tuesday, Dr Manmohan Singh said the Prime Minister should exercise due restraint in his public speeches whenever he visits states not ruled by his party. 'My advice to Mr Modi is that he should exercise due restraint that is becoming of a Prime Minister and refrain from discriminating between Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states and others,' Dr Manmohan Singh had said.

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