PM says India-US ties will have key role in 21st century


Ahmedabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday welcomed US President Donald Trump, who arrived here on a two-day visit to India, saying the relationship and cooperation between the two countries will have an important role in setting the direction of the 21st century world. Addressing the packed Motera stadium, where a mega 'Namaste Trump' event had been organised, the Prime Minister, welcoming his old ally said, said the two countries could make an effective contribution not only in the Indo-Pacific Region, but in the peace, progress and security of the whole world. Describing President Trump's visit to India at the beginning of the decade as a "very big opportunity", he said in the 21st century, new alignments, new competition, new challenges and new opportunities "are laying the foundation for change". "Friendship is where trust is unshakeable," the Prime Minister quoted in Sanskrit at the Namaste Trump event.
Underlining the commonalities in the relationship between the world's oldest democracy and the largest democracy, Mr Modi said, "US is India's largest trading, R&D partner... our relationship is growing in every respect."

"Today, the country that is India's largest trading partner is America. Today, the country with which Indian armies are practicing the most war - that is America. Today, the country with which India has the most extensive research and development partnership - that is America."
He said India was not just creating a world record of sending the most satellites at once, but also the world record of the quickest financial inclusion. "Today, India does not just have the largest cricket stadium in the world, India is also running the world's largest health assurance scheme. Today, the world's largest solar park is not only being built in India, the world's largest sanitation programme is also going on in India," he told the visiting American delegation.

Elaborating on India's youthful demography, he said, "Today, 130 crore Indians are jointly building New India. Our youthful strength is full of aspirations. Setting big goals, achieving them is becoming the hallmark of New India today." he pointed out. On the ties shared by the large Indian diaspora, he said when the White House celebrated Diwali, Indians living in the US also felt proud. He ended by egging the crowd gathered to chant: "India-US friendship long live, long live."