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PM targets 'family', says battle for 2019 will be b/w 'janta' & 'gathbandhan' : Does not rule out Ordinance on Temple


New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, the first day of the year, said battle for 2019 polls would be between 'Janta' and 'gathbandhan' and that Modi is just a manifestation of public love and blessings. In a series of tweets, in which he shared excerpts of his interview, the PM did not rule out Ordinance route for Ram Temple at Ayodhya but said that an ordinance would be considered only after the judicial process is over. Typical to his style, Mr Modi targeted Congress leadership and one dynasty saying there can be on denying that top leaders of the opposition party are on bail. "It is a reality that the so called First Family of the nation is out on bail. Their loyalists may try to hide that fact but they won't succeed," Mr Modi said in a series pf tweets in which he posted excerpts of his interview . In this context, he cited the instance of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram making round of the courts in a corruption case and said however - his government is against vendetta politics. Answering questions on Ram Temple, he said the fact of the matter is deliberately things are being delayed for last 70 years.'My appeal to Congress leaders and their lawyers is please do not make things prolong in this case," he said. Asked if an ordinance will be brought on Ram Temple like on Triple Talaq, he said Ordinance on triple talaq was brought after Supreme Court order. "In this case also once court verdict comes, the government will discharge its responsibilities". "We have said in our BJP manifesto that a solution would be found to this(Ayodhya) issue under Constitution". He said economic offenders will not be spared. "Those who have run away after looting people will have to return. Every penny they have taken from the people, they will have to return it back to the people". On economic front, Prime Minister said earlier, there were so many hidden taxes. The tax rates were also high. GST has made things simpler. It has also brought down the taxes on so many commodities. "Our approach is to keep taking feedback constantly and work on the GST too is happening like this. The GST council has a wide range of members. There are state Governments too, many of them where BJP is not in power. Whatever is happening is happening through consensus, " he said.He highlighted that under his government, more educational institutions like IITs and IIMs are being set up. There is a scheme for quality and affordable healthcare. Flying has become affordable and due to that more people are sitting in planes. Who is this benefiting? The middle class, he said. On much pressing issue of farm loan, PM said we are talking about farm loan waivers and this invariably gets linked with the polls. "We should also be thinking about structural issues- how can we empower the farmers, ensure more water, greater credit, better markets". Prime Minister said instead of loan waivers, more vital question should be why does a farmer become debt-ridden? " I want a situation where a farmer never has to be debt-ridden in the first place". "There is a small segment of farmers who take loans from banks. A majority of them take loans from money lenders. When governments make such announcements, those farmers do not become beneficiaries of waivers. The farmers who are dying are out of the purview of such schemes," he said outright discarding the politics of loan waivers as unleashed by three state governments under Congress in December. "It was our Government that took the historic decision on better MSP for farmers. Why did we do this- so that the farmer does not have to rely on loans". Prime Minister also flayed Mamata Banerjee led state government in West Bengal and said - "What has happened in West Bengal. A political party (the BJP) is being denied a basic democratic right. Our workers are brutally killed in West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka. Politics of violence has to end. All parties have to reaffirm their commitment to peaceful politics". "I assure BJP Karyakartas that we will not tolerate political violence. Karyakartas of no party must be harmed. There is no place for violence in India" he said. Lashing out at Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for allegedly preferring extra constitutional styles of functioning, Mr Modi said- "For ten long years, the PMO was weakened and a NAC was formed. This was disrespecting institutions. In which set up does a party leader have the right to simply tear away a decision taken by the Cabinet. We have to respect institutions". One of our former Prime Ministers called the Planning Commission members a 'bunch of jokers.' Do you know who was the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission then, he said in reference to Rajiv Gandhi's comments on the erstwhile plan panel. On the surgical strikes, there are some political parties who began to speak the same language as Pakistan, he said adding _"These parties were demeaning our armed forces." Asked whether the situation along the border has improved after the surgical strikes, he said,'Pakistan will never improve on the basis of one war. That nation will still take some time to improve. All PMs of India, across all parties never opposed dialogue with Pakistan. But, can we hear anything in the midst of bombs? Today, terror supporting Pakistan is isolated.' Expressing pride over being part of non elite sections of society, the PM said that for him, everything was about people of India. 'I belong to non-elite sections of society and I am proud of that, ‘’he said. The PM said tnhat he did not want to be a part of this section.‘’I have not won over the Lutyens sections. And I do not even want to be a part of this section because my background is different. For me, everything is about the people of India,’’the PM said. Expressing concern on disruptions in parliament, he said,'Parliament is a place for debate and discussion. We have to respect the sanctity of Parliament.'

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