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PM tears into Oppn, calls them 'mahamilavat'


New Delhi, The Lok Sabha on Thursday adopted the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address after all the amendments moved by the Opposition members were negated. In his spirited one hour 40 minute reply to the debate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Opposition, saying 'mahamilavat'(self styled grand alliance) would come a cropper as BJP detractors did not have any policy for governance. Seeking to take the spirit of the Opposition campaign that his government has unleashed an atmosphere of fear to the rival camp, he said ,'Desh ko lootne walon ko darna hi hoga (Those who were corrupt and wrongdoers will have to fear the law).' 'This is the task I have been given by this country,' he said in his characteristic style. In his speech, Mr Modi liberally took potshots at Congress and Trinamool Congress leaders and said the country still remembers the scene on television when members of Parliament were seen taking currency notes. This was perhaps in context of Narada scam when Trinamool Congress leaders were seen receiving currency notes. Extending good wishes to the Opposition parties for 'healthy competition' during ensuing general elections, he said the Congress party should be careful about its false pride as it is this 'ahankaar' that has reduced Congress from 400 to 40. 'In contrast, it is our commitment to the service of the nation that we kept on marching ahead and our strength has risen from two and we are in the government today,' he said. The Prime Minister said the opposition Congress has committed 'paap (sin)' by trying to spread a fake news about the army's 'coup attempt'. He said the Congress party should be careful when they point fingers at him as "four other fingers" would be turned towards them only.He said those who allege him and and his government for trying to destroy constitutional bodies must remember that under Congress worse things have been carried out. "The power to dismiss state governments was abused over 100 times by Congress and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had alone abused Article 356 and dismissed opposition ruled states more than 50 times," he said amid support of his party colleagues. Mr Modi said the allegations of being autocrat against him was not only a falsehood but a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black. 'Ulta chor chowkidaar ko daante,' he said making a variation from the established Hindi saying as the Opposition parties have recently started taking dig at him and calling him 'chowkidaar'. In 2014 election campaign, Mr Modi had said that he would serve the country as a true chowkidaar - in reference to the post of prime minister being akin to a custodian. Lashing out at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said, "How the sanctity of constitutional mechanism was respected when your leader destroyed a paper which was passed by the Union cabinet". This was in reference to Mr Gandhi tearing a copy of an Ordinance at a media conference in New Delhi. The Ordinance was passed by the Manmohan Singh government aimed at shielding convicted MPs and he as party vice-president had described the document as 'nonsense which should be torn up and thrown away'. The Prime Minister in his speech also wondered what was the justification in a former Prime Minister describing Planning Commission as a house of 'jokers'. He said time has come to make a comparison of 55 years of Congress rule and 55 months of his government's work. "People often say my government works for rich...yes, I have worked for the rich and given them toilets," he said in a sarcastic note. Mr Modi also said if the Congress regime had worked properly - all the villages in the country would have got electrified in the first 20 years since 1947. Thanking President Ram Nath Kovind for his address to the joint sitting of Parliament, he said it was both a 'visionary statement' and focused strictly on highlighting the ground reality. He also charged Congress party with conspiring to keep the Indian Air Force weak. Amid strong objections from the Congress members, Mr Modi said : "I want to make the charge seriously. .....The Congress party does not want that the Indian Air Force to become strong and should acquire the requisite prowess". He said the Congress party and its leadership is upset with the government for finalising the Rafale aircraft deal with France as they were stunned to realise that suddenly for the first time the defence deals were finalised without indulgence of any middleman. "Otherwise, always they had some uncles....," Prime Minister said in reference to the likes of Christian Michel and Ottavio Quattrocchi. He also said the Congress party is at unease as three 'rajdars (those who know what went behind)' have been brought to India and are being questioned by the probe agencies. "Today, they are disturbed and we often see that slips are being passed to those being questioned (like Michel)," he said in reference to the AgustaWestland chopper scam.

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