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The Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (P.O.K.) is now has become T.O.K Terrorists Occupied Kashmir. The original people are now living under the dictate and terror of terrorist. The Pakistan Government do not exist here the Government of Pakistan and its I.S.I. have placed and located terrorist in the P.O.K. and given them the assignment to infiltrate across the line of control into India. The people of P.O.K also accept the Indian view point that the Kashmir is no longer political issue. All over the world nations also realized that Kashmir is not a political issue but problem of terrorism. The Modi Government on assuming the power tried to hold dialogue with Pakistan and realized talks and terrorism cannot go together. The problem of Kashmir is a problem of terrorism and has to be dealth with military option and consequently declared that there would no further talks with Pakistan on Kashmir and military is carrying out Operation All Out to eliminate all the terrorists. The P.O.K. people holding protect rallies and demonstrations demanding expulsion in terrorists organizations of Talibanis, Lashkare Taibba and Jaish-a-Mohammad rubble P.O.K. and rising activities of terrorists in the region. They blamed Pakistan Government for providing shelter and training to Lashkare-e-taibba and Jash-e-Mohammed, who are being sent to Indian side to launch terrorist attack there. Now the world is talking the issue of Kashmir is just a problem of terrorism and it confirms the opium of the government of India. In the P.O.K. city of Rawalakot and Tarar Khel region people took out angry demonstration against terrorists organisation and ask then to vacate the P.O.K. In the coming general elections to the Pakistan National Assembly the terrorist organisation are trying to capture power. In a graft case the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif his wife Kulsum his daughter Mariam and his son-in-law are convicted and sentenced to jail. They are thorn out of the electoral race. The terrorists floating political parties based a religion of Islamic fundamentals are fielding record 460 candidates for 272 general seats of the National Assembly. If they capture power the entire complex of Pakistan will change and Iraq-Syria type civil war I.S.I. type religious dictatorship is likely to emerge. The election to Pakistan National Assembly will be held this month on July 25. In case there is no clear mandate to any party the military will assume power there but this time without any military coup. Mr Imran of Tehreke-Insaf Party and Bilwaal Bhurty run of Mrs. Benaser and Asif Ali Zardari are there on political side in the political tray.

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