Political Alignments


This year in 2018 four big states Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Odisha general elections to the Vidhan Sabha are going to held and in early next year in 2019 the general election to the Lok Sabha will take place. In such period as usual new political alignment are worked out to set the political requirements of each party. The country has two national parties the Bhartiya Janata Party and the Congress and test are regional parties. There are various small and namesake parties of no consequences. The objective of the national parties is to emerge with such a strength so that it may not under pressure and political threat from coalition parties. In 2014 Lok Sabha election the Bhartiya Janata Party was fortunate that it secured majority of its own but gracefully maintained the NDA and accommodated aligned parties in the Council of Ministers. The Telegu Desam Party of Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu was one such NDA party having 2 ministers in the Modi Ministry and vice versa the BJP has 2 ministers in the Andhra State ministry of Mr.Naidu. With some political insight or foresight Mr.Naidu raised the issue of Centre granting status of special status to Andhra, which means more central funds to the state. The plea was that with the separation of Telengana as separate state the economic viability of the Andhra was severely affected and required special consideration and status. When Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar the Chief Minister Mr.Nitish Kumar also demanded special status on the same plea. Such states should not be formed which affects viability of states, viability is always a very vital criteria in every walk of life. On not getting it Mr.Naidu withdrew its minister from Modi Government and BJP also left the Naidu ministry. In the election period it is the first political exit from the NDA. The Shiv Sena is also putting pressure on the NDA and threatening to quit it and to go alone in the polls. In Congress camp Mrs.Sonia Gandhi has clearly indicated that she is not out of active politics rather very much active in it. She has invited various parties in a dinner meeting on March 13 to discuss the formation of joint front of parties to contest coming Lok Sabha elections. But there are moves to form another political Front to face the elections, the Chief Minister of Telangana Mr.Chandra Shekhar has proposed a political front of parties that would keep away from both the national parties the BJP and the Congress. The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee and Chief Minister of Odisha Mr.Naveen Patnaik lent him support his front idea to maintain equi-distance from BJP and the Congress. In Tamil Nadu in the coming elections besides two Dravidian parties the AIADMK and Karunanidhi’s DMK there will new political parties formed by super film star Mr.Rajnikant and Mr.Kamal Hasan. Film and film actors are vital factor in Tamil politics.