Pompeo meets Abe, pledges to raise Japan's concern with Kim


Tokyo, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe here and said he would raise abduction of Japanese citizens in North Korea with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Mr Pompeo will meet Mr Kim on Sunday on his fourth visit to North Korea. According to mediareports, Mr Pompeo will be setting a stage for a second summit between US President Donald Trump and Mr Kim. After the historic summit between Mr Trump and Mr Kim in June this year, North Korea suspended nuclear and missile tests and released three US prisoners. However, the complete denuclarisation, which US wants, is yet to take place, report stated. Mr Pompeo in Tokyo pledged that US efforts to denuclarise North Korea would be fully coordinated with Japan and South Korea, report said.The Secretary of State said that it was important to take Japan into confidence for "fully coordinated and unified view". Mr Pompeo also said Japan and the US have strong ties and both nations will make make progress on trade talks.Mr Abe said that Tokyo ties with Washington were "more robust than ever". The Japanese leader said that it was important to take Japan's concerns while shaping any policy by US towards North Korea. After meeting Mr Kim, Pompeo will travel to South Korea and China.