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Potholed roads plague capital


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Potholed roads, power outages, waterlogging and various other civic problems plague capital Bhopal. A number of projects have been undertaken to improve the infrastructure of the city but the funds appear to have gone down the drain. A day or two of heavy showers show the true picture of inefficiency of the Bhopal civic body. Roads have not been fixed although officials of many agencies including BMC, CPA and PWD are claim work has been done to improve condition of city roads. Roads are full of potholes across the city. Narrow bylanes, congested neighbourhoods and unplanned construction make its civic issues unique. Bhopal has been picked to be part of his ambitious smart city project that aims to overhaul, with the aid of information technology, the way urban India lives. But it seems like a tall order, for now. The roads of Narela Shankari and colonies adjacent to it have been dilapidated and potholed in recent showers. During rains residents face lot of hardship due to water-logging with the possibility of accidents. A resident of the area Ratnesh Kumar said there were such colonies which are recently developed adjacent to the old colonies but the condition of roads remained the same. “It is very tough for us to drive as we have to stay alert all the time,” he said. “The area where the road is narrowed down as it is half broken is a threat to a fast moving vehicle and raises chances of fatal accidents. We wish it be filled soon,” said a local shopkeeper. Another resident Ashish, an insurance company agent, said in rains it was very hard to ride a two-wheeler as there was always a chance of skidding. “The potholes also turn into breeding ground for mosquitoes during the rains and with excessive rain, they get potholed. The filth in the area also mixes with the water in rains and creates stench which gets unbearable,” he said. “Water logging is common in rains as the drainage in the area is also not perfect,” said another resident Supriya Mehta adding, for pedestrians it became very difficult to cross the colony and reach the bus stand. “Our clothes not only get wet but are also soiled due to the mud and slush. Now that the rains are arriving with force, the scene is likely to turn worse,” she said.

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