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Pottery art charms visitors at IGRMS


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS) has developed an exhibit in its pottery trail that showcases the cultural glory of Chaphu Keithel (Potter’s Market) in Manipur. The traditional market (Keithel) in Manipur, popularly known as the Nupi Keithel has a prominent place in the socio-economic and religious life of the people. Every market in the valley is believed to have been guarded by the Lairembi (Goddess) whose benign presence showers blessings to all the vendors. The marketplace without traditional handmade pottery in Manipur is negligible. The largest Khwairamb and Keithel (market) in the heart of the state capital reserves special place for the pottery vendors khwairamb and bazar is also known as ima- keithel. In Manipur, ima means mother and keitkel means market, so it is known as the mother market. There are 4000 strong shopkeepers who are women, this markets has been providing livelihood for the entire Manipur from generation to generation, being run only by the women, this market has performed a significant role in empowering the women in Manipur society its traditional and culture bonding with people have made this market one of the biggest markets of its own kind in the entire country. Chaphu Keithel Potter’s Market in Manipur is the segment that fulfils the domestic utilities and socio- religious ambit and cultural aspirations of the people who are strongly bounded local beliefs and practices.

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