Pranab Lauds Constitution


The former President of India Mr.Pranab Mukherjee said that faith in the Constitution was the true nationalism. He spoke at a RSS conclave at Nagpur as philosopher. He was invitee to say whatever he feels and went to say and was not under the dictate of sponsoring organization. Initially the Congress objections to the Pranab Mukherjee going to RSS meet was its over sensitivity but after his address it appears all such things subsided on happy note and tone. He emphatically said that nationalism cannot be tied with religion and language and hatred and intolerance blur our national identity. The violence creating fear and hampers our freedom. He called upon the people to adhere to pluralism, tolerance and secularism as our basic trends. In his address he referred to Gandhi, Nehru, Sardal Patel and Tilak and visited the house of RSS founder Mr.Kesho Ram Baliram Hedgavar. Pranab Da said only non-violent society could ensure public participation in the democratic life. We must remove violence from our public life. These days the trends of violence and destruction have become the agitational way to project any demand. Violence in agitation as destroying all norms of freedom of speech, movement and expression Mr.Pranab Mukherjee has touched the core issues that the nation facing today. He said dogmas would dilute our nationality and existence. He pointed out 125 crores people of India use 122 language and 1600 dialects, practice seven major religions. Everyday we see increased violence around us. The violence is darkness and fear and against welfare. The concept go the nation and naturalism and patriotism. The context of India are direct interlinked and can not discuss any one ignoring our composite culture make us into any nation. Mr.Mukherjee give historical different kingdom and conquest of India over the years. Throughout this period of 2500 years of changing political fortunes and conquest of the 5000 years of civilization of continuity remained on unbroken. Infact each conqueror and each foreign element has been absorbed to form and a new synthesis and units.