Pressure Politics


In the election years the political parties play the game of pressure politics to gain maximum seats. Smaller parties within the ruling NDA and another big party the Congress to face and thrash out such pressures to ward off number of contests. Although the BJP in the Lok Sabha is in absolute majority then too it is maintaining NDA combination of the many smaller parties. The Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and Telegu Desham Party in Andhra Pradesh are major parties within the NDA. In Maharashtra is BJP-Shiv Sena coalition government with the Chief Minister of the BJP Mr.Phadnavis. Recently the Shiv Sena has announced in the coming Lok Sabha election it will contests its own and not as NDA party. There were days when Shiv Sena nominees were Chief Minister in Maharashtra. In Lok Sabha poll it will insist on contesting maximum number of seat to strengthen its position in the NDA at the Centre. The attitude of the Shiv Sena appears to be just pressure politics. The Shiv Sena has a keen desire to gain absolute majority in Maharashtra. The Assembly elections to equate itself with TDP of Andhra and TMC of West Bengal, the BJP will not allow to hand over the State Government to the Shiv Sena. Since the decade of 1960 SVD Government phase regional parties have consolidated in many states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Odisha. After the disintegration of Janata Party into its splinter groups headed by Mr.Laloo Yadav and Mr.Nitish Kumar are forces to reckon with over the national parties like Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party. In Bihar there are crack within the Bhartiya Janata Party many in Bihar BJP opposed to giving support to Nitish Kumar JDU to form Government. The way he ditched the Laloo RJD earlier Nitish ditched BJP to form Government with RJD-Congress support. But in politics there are no permanent friends and foes. It is all game of possibility. In Bihar BJP Stalwart Mr.Yeshwant Sinha has openly come out against Modi Government policies. These days he is sitting on Dharna on Kisan demands at Narsinghpur collectorate in Madhya Pradesh. Mr.Shatrughan Sinha is soon to join him there. The BJP charged that Mr.Yeshwant Sinha wanted to be appointed Governor in some state and on not getting it he is indulging in pressure politics by floating non-party National Kisan Front. Although presently his son Mr.Jayant Sinha is Minister of State in the Modi Government. Mr.Shatrughan Sinha was Central Minister earlier but he proved flop and subsequently dropped. In the coming Lok Sabha election, Bihar will present total mess up of politics. In Andhra the Telegu Desham Party Chief Minister Mr.Chandrababu Naidu has also threatened to quit NDA. He is insisting on regional demands but ultimately will demand more Lok Sabha seat in his state.