Primary Syllabus


The Central Government Education Ministry has directed all the states to prepare a new syllabus for the primary school education to make it interesting for the small age students to understand and learn it. It should of their liking. It be imparted to them in their own mother tongue and in the form of the stories. The grandparents teach the kids at home through the story telling to give them knowledge and let them known the virtues. It is a very successful traditional form of teaching infants. In Madhya Pradesh there are 83,890 primary schools where about 46 lakh students are on rolls. In all this schools from the next academic year primary school teachings will be imparted on the bases of new syllabus based on stories. Such are will be taught in the tribal dialets of Bundaili, Sahriya, Bhili, Karku, Malvi, Nimari, Gondi, Baiga, and Begheli also. In all the 51 districts project coordinators and collecting stories and by March 15 will be submitted to State Project Office for the final selections and book printing.From new academic season from June next the primary education in the state will be in the format of audio-visual also.

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