Principals on Warpath


The principals of the educational institutions has warned against the arrest of the Principal of DPS Indore holding him responsible for the school bus mishap. The post of principal is academic and he cannot be held responsible for the management of his institution. It will be another matter if they are proprietors of the institute also. Initially the police and administration were hesitant in proceeding against the DPS Principal but ultimately he was summoned to the police station and arrested holding him responsible for the school bus mishap. More than hundred principal of different institutions in a meeting demanded withdrawal of criminal charges against the DPS Principal and he be exonerated from it. The Principals warned that within seven days if this is not done the schools would stop bus services and all of them would resign from the posts. The teaches fraternity also said that Principal is academic post and if they are victimized like this, they would resign enmass. In the magisterial inquiry the RTI etc were also held guilty but no action are taken against them. Whenever there are mishap in AICTC buses the President of that organization are not arrested? On the arrest of Principal Mr.Sonar principals of many regions gathered outside the jail to lodge protest against his arrest. Instead of principal the managing committees of such institutions be held responsible for such serious lapse. The safety of children are of prime importance but the principals cannot be made space goat for it.