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Private hospitals earn 17 times profits in the name of medicines: Survey


Agencies, New Delhi After studying the bills of 4 private hospitals of Delhi-NCR, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has unveiled a sensational report. According to the NPPA report, these private hospitals are making profits in drugs, syringes and other medical devices and diagnostics by 1737 per cent in MRP. That is 46 percent of the whole bills of patients. The report, released on Tuesday, said that most of the medicines and disposable items are purchased from the pharmacy located inside the hospital. The patient is not allowed to buy them from outside, where they can get cheap. Private hospitals buy a lot of medicines for their own pharmacy and earn profits by selling them. Not only this, the pressure on the private hospital pharmaceutical companies is to increase the prices of medicines which are more than the market price. With the condition of having a higher price, they buy a large quantity of medicines from pharmaceutical companies. When the patient goes to the hospital, the expenditure is not included in the package they are told.That is, patients have to spend almost twice the hospital’s package and its entire budget is deteriorated. However, the NPPA has not named the hospitals, in which the study has been done.

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