Pt. Chaturnarayan Shastri explains meaning of satsang


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Shrimad Bhagwat Katha began at Nageshwar Dham near Kasturba School. Pandit Chaturnarayan Shastri said satsang means being with the truth. Katha’s head yajman Rajendra Pathak and Munni Pathak offered worship to Vyas gadi amidst recitation of mantras. Pandit Chaturnarayan Shastri said in Vedas and shstras many ways of reaching to God have been explained, but the easiest way is satsang. Explaining satsang, he said the person who is truthful is satsang. It includes bhajans and kirtans. According to God, listening to Bhagwat Katha is satsang. He said the meaning of truth is always the same. He said yagya and havans are performed to reach to God. Pt. Shastri will recite Katha at Nageshwar Dham Mandir from 4 pm daily.