Pulses Export


At the meet of All India Dal Mills Association at Indore it urged the Centre and States Governments to levy uniform Mandi tax on pulses in the whole country. India has now started export of pulses to other countries. In a year 1,70,000 tonnes of pulses were exported. After Maharashtra, West Bengal and South the Madhya Pradesh was at the 4th place in the export of pulses. In the MP the cost of proving facilities to pulses industry is very high. The pulses trade sector is facing difficulty in different Mandi Tax slabs in different states. In Maharashtra, Gujarat, it is one per cent, in Rajasthan it is 1.6 and Madhya Pradesh it is 1.7 per cent. The Association suggested that in all over India the mandi tax should be 0.50 per cent. The increase pulses export the Government should pay 15 per cent subsidy on exports. The best quality pulses can be exported to America and Canada also with the subsidy help to it.The new technology machines be imported to replace old type of Dal Mills, it will reduce the cost of production and will save 20 to 25 per cent in the electricity consumption.