Rahul plays teacher, says Modi failed but gives 'A' Grade for slogans


New Delhi, Even as the ruling NDA dispensation is rejoicing completion of four years in office with Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the campaign, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday charged the government with failure on several fronts but gave it 'B' grade on Yoga. Mr Gandhi, who often joins issue with Mr Modi personally both on the social network or in election rallies, took up the role of a school teacher and gave 'F' grade to Prime Minister on various sectors including foreign policy, agriculture and controlling fuel prices. However, he gave in a bit and described Prime Minister as a "master communicator". The Congress chief took a dig at Prime Minister and sarcastically remarked that Mr Modi deserves Grade 'A' for slogan creation and self promotion. "Agriculture: F, Foreign Policy: F, Fuel Prices: F, Job Creation: F, Slogan Creation: A+ Self Promotion: A+ Yoga: B- Remarks: Master communicator; struggles with complex issues; short attention span," Mr Gandhi tweeted. During the recently concluded assembly polls in Karnataka, Prime Minister Modi often attacked the Congress chief for being "naamdar (rich and famous)" and for having born with golden spoon in mouth who does not understand the poor people's plight. For his part, Mr Gandhi had told a symposium in Bengaluru that after 2019 general elections, the PM Modi would not return to power.