The Congress President Mr.Rahul Gandhi has assumed the role of would be Prime Minister-in-making. In his election speeches and promises he is using the words “on becoming the Prime Minister” to assert his position and possibilities. He is attending to regional demands with emphatic promises. At Kurnool in Andhra in his public address he said if he becomes Prime Minister after the next election the first file that he would sign could be of granting special status to Andhra State. At the time of bifurcation of Andhra state into two states, the Coastal Andhra and the Telengana such promise was made to it but the BJP Government has not carried it out and deceived the people of the State. Such demands are coming from other states and spreading like a reservation issue. He said it will be the first step of the would be Congress Government and declared that if not fulfilled he would not step into Andhra. In Jammu and Kashmir the issue of abolishing Article 370 in the Constitution is long pending demand. But the issue of Article 35A is recent one and issue is before the Supreme Court to determine whether it is intra or ultra virus. The State parties like National Conference of Omar Abdullah and PDP of Mehbooba Mufti are opposing it. Under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi the Congress declared if it is voted to power its would maintain Section 35A as it is. Mr.Gandhi is erasing the stigma on the Congress of being anti-Hindu Orientation. Recently he visited Kailash Manasarovar as Shiv devotee chanting “Bam Bhole”. During the Vidhan Sabha election in Gujarat he visited all the Hindu temples and offered puja there. It paid him a rich dividends there. He reduced the majority of the Bharatiya Janata Party and won more seats for Congress. During the election the regional or other small parties have compulsion to align with an All India Party with an intention to remain ruling party in its State and enough number of Lok Sabha member to maintain its position in the coalition Governments or bargain in it. Recently there are two all India party and two alliance. The ruling BJP is having NDA and Congress is managing the UPA. It is quite natural that presently there appear to be some discord on the name of Prime Minister but with the approaching election all rally round the All India Party. No regional party would accept another regional party leader as Prime Minister and the ultimate choice will be the leader of the All India Party and from Congress it is Mr.Rahul Gandhi.