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Rahul reminds PM Modi of his promise on black money


Agencies, New Delhi Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his visit to Davos to attend the meeting of the World Economic Forum, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked the PM on his promise to bring back Black money. In a post on the social media, Rahul said,’’Dear PM, Welcome back from SWITZERLAND. Quick reminder about your promise on BLACK MONEY. Youth in India were wondering if you got any back with you in your plane?’’ The Prime Minister this morning returned from Davos, where he had gone to attend the meeting of the World econmic forum .The PM, who delivered the inaugural address at the WEF, showcased India’s growth story at the WEF. In his address, the PM elaborated on how India has come a long way from two decades ago when its GDP was a sixth of what it is today but he also spelt out to the world how that has gathered pace in the last few years by making India a destination for investment, innovation and inclusive development. PM Modi not only highlighted India’s growth story but also listed ways in which transformation in India has taken place. Presenting India as “a land that stands for peace, harmony and inclusiveness”, the PM extended an open invitation to all, to come invest in India. Earlier, the Congress on Wednesday said that the PM blowing his own trumpet on foreign shores would not hide the reality at home. ‘’PM Modi, blowing your trumpet on foreign shores won’t drown the unpleasant music at home,’’the Congress said on its official social media handle.

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