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Rahul takes jibe at Amit Shah on revelation of conversion of Rs 745 cr old notes during Note ban


New Delhi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday took a jibe at BJP president Amit Shah over RTI revelations that he and other BJP leades used Demonetisation for converting their 'black money' into 'white' by depositing RS 31118 cr worth of old notes in 11 district cooperative banks in Gujarat in five days. In a post on social media, Mr Gandhi said,'Congratulations Amit Shah ji , Director, Ahmedabad Dist. Cooperative Bank, on your bank winning 1st prize in the conversion of old notes to new race. 750 Cr in 5 days! Millions of Indians whose lives were destroyed by Demonetisation, salute your achievement. ' The attack by Rahul came after an RTI Reply dated May 7, 2018 revealed that Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank (ADCB), whose directors include BJP’s National President, Amit Shah (who is also its past chairman) and his close associates received, the highest amount of old demonetized notes i.e. a whopping Rs 745 Cr in just 5 days between 10.11.2016 to 14.11.2016. The reply revealed that 11 District Co-operative Banks in Gujarat headed by BJP leaders saw Rs 3118.51 Cr worth of old notes being deposited within these 5 days.

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