Rahul write the script for future by putting BJP’s policy and motive in questions


Pravesh Kumar Mishra, New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has opened a front against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and had given a glimpse of the future battle. While writing the script of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he tried to establish his ideological strength and congressional thinking by putting BJP’s policy and determination in questions. Not only that, he killed many birds with one arrow by calling Modi as a protector and co-partner of industrialists as well as opponent of farmers. Political experts believe that while considering the outcome of the no-confidence motion, Rahul Gandhi had tremendously used this day politically. He aggressively attacked the Modi’s claims of corruption-free governance by talking about the existence of corruption in the government’s policy. Holding the Prime Minister directly responsible for the alleged irregularities in the Rafael deal, he has tried to sharpen the fight by calling Modi a shareholder, not a stakeholder and also a friend of industrialists. Not only this, he has also tried to convey the message to the common voters by comparing the policy of Modi’s Government with Congress’s coalition government’s policy of Karnataka in context of farmers. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi has simultaneously targeted union government, RSS and BJP and tried to prove Congressional ideology. Responding to the allegations and analogies, constantly made by BJP leaders on him, he said that he is moving forward with positive thinking, regardless with personal objections. Not only that, he remarked sarcastically on the RSS and BJP, that he is grateful to them for the helping him understanding the Hindu, Indian and lord Shiva and also helped in understanding the Congress ideology and will soon attract people of BJP to the positivity of Congress’s ideology. With the appeal to make BJP’s perceived negative thinking positive, Rahul Gandhi showed nobility and told Prime Minister ‘leaving annoyance with the anger you have in your mind towards me, even after that you will boost positivity’. Observers are assuming that in the wonderful way Rahul Gandhi went ahead towards Prime Minister’s seat and hugged him in wonderful way and later said that this is only a congressional thinking and Hindustani thought. This will definitely be remembered with historical facts. However in a manner Rahul Gandhi challenged BJP, with the combination of positive thinking and aggression. The result will be seen in the coming days.

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