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Railway put passenger at risk on change of platform before arrival


Chronicle Reporter, Vidisha Indian Railways provide large number of facilities on Net. Besides PNR status, one can find which platform the Train is coming. They provide Platform Locator, Platform Status enquiry service. But on the other side reality is very different on the Railway Stations. It is often at Vidisha, Basoda, Mandi Bamora Stations , at the announcement of the arrival of train Railway changes the platform. People with their luggage run to the another platform where the train is arriving. Especially when the platform is not conjoined, passengers either run on foot - bridge or they cross railway tract to reach the Platform at earliest possible and before the arrival of the train. Old persons, Heart Patients, Handicapped, Pregnant women, Over Weights who cannot run have no option in these situations. Railways should decide and announce the platform much before especially when changed Platform is not conjoined to expected one. Many people have already died in Railway Foot Over Bridge stampede accidents at railway stations in our country.

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