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Rain Situation


The monsoon arrived in Madhya Pradesh 14 days late from its scheduled date of June 10 on July 24 from North West Malwa and Nimar region of the State. Now it has covered the entire state. Now the rains have become unusual and erratic in its traditional ways. Now it rain heavily for short time just causing sudden water logging and flood condition and it flow out. Now there is no drizzling and light showers that continued for days in the past. It is also because we have reduced our forest cover beyond limits. The sudden few minutes rain do not make underground water it is flow out quickly. The long duration of many days the drizzling and light showers are the main source of underground water. The few minutes heavy rain can fulfill the record of weather office in centimeters and it do not fulfill the requirement of soil.Presently 7 districts have received rains 20 per cent more than normal there are normal rains in 22 districts. Chhindwara received the maximum rain of 306.2 millimeter and lowest is Katni with just 53.1 millimeters. The rainy season as upto 15 October. The weather office has sounded about heavy rains in 17 districts. The system is good all over the state indicating normal rains this year. The sudden heavy rain of few minutes made holes in the road in just 18 days and what will happen in the full rainy season is yet to be seen.

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