Rain Water Tanks


The Madhya Pradesh is also facing the grave problem of lack of underground water. The Chief Minister this year some months back announced a rural scheme to collect and accumulate rain water throughout the state in all the village as a lasting solution of water scarcity. He declared that under MANREGA works a water tank will be dig in every village of the state to provide year-long safe drinking water and percolate underground water everywhere. He emphatically declared before monsoon by June 15 every village will have tank. The day of June 15 is over and monsoon has arrived. Now people must be informed how many new tanks and the name of the each village where such tanks have come up to fill up with rain water. It is a charge against Mr.Modi that he is uttering “Jamla” his first Jamla of black money flopped. Charge against Mr.Chouhan is that he is making declaration and no implementation. Now Mr.Chouhan should come out with a report card on tank in each and every village of Madhya Pradesh.